“In this universe it is love that binds everything together. Love is the very foundation, beauty and fulfillment of life.”                                          – Amma –

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Jay “Honors” English has been an avid practitioner of meditation since 1999. He received an Advanced Yogic Initiation in 2005 and became a Certified Meditation Instructor at the Amrit Yoga Institute in 2007. Jay has been helping others find peace, balance and insight using the vehicle of meditation ever since. Honors Yoga was formed to reach those in need of spiritual healing.

I experienced a healing session with Jay English and Jason Hairston. The purpose is to remove any negative energy or blockage from your body that could be adversely effecting your life. After the session, I felt an immense sense of peace and joy. I felt lighter. I highly recommend it.

It’s important to be more open-minded when it comes to spirituality outside of organized religion. Sitting still and meditating seems like it would be pointless but it is far from it. You will discover peace like you’ve never experienced before. Yoga also assists in bringing you to a place of contentment through breathing and movement. If you feel like you need assistance on your journey,  Jay is the perfect person to help. He has dedicated his life to helping and healing others. That truly speaks volumes about his character.

In 2014, he decided to offer his services online, by starting a 5-week Meditation course that quickly became a success and grew in popularity.

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What services does he offer?

Honors Yoga now offers personal One on One Spiritual Counseling and Life coaching. If you are interested in:

  • Transitioning into a Meditative lifestyle
  • Transitioning into a Vegetarian diet
  • Transitioning away from Addictions/ Unwanted habits
  • Assistance with Achieving personal goals
  • Personal instruction for Spiritual Evolution
  • Awakening your Divine Potential (Chakra and Kundalini Training)

Jay also hosts retreats in different states. Here is what one attendee said about her experience at the Spiritual Intensive in Baton Rouge.

In addition to teaching meditation, Honors is a musical artist and well-known Adjunct Professor of History and Advisor at Florida A&M University.

You can check out some of his music HERE. It’s pretty bomb.

To learn more about Honors Yoga, go to www.honorsyogo.com or email Jay English directly at honorsenglish101@yahoo.com