Today, I wanted to shine a little light on an amazing jewelry company out of the UK created by Aisha Marie.

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The word Lonam means ‘Love Me’ in Aisha’s father’s language – the West African language of Ewe which is largely spoken by a tribe in the Volta region of Ghana. It is a beautiful way to honor her father.

The company specializes in traditional West African silver and gold jewelry. The pieces have a strong Ghanaian influence and a modern twist.

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The designs are both symbolic and meaningful using the Adinkra symbols created by the Ashanti tribe which aim to inspire the wearer with their spiritual concepts and simple truths.  Every time I look at my Lonam jewelry I think about the meaning behind the pieces – especially the Hero earrings that use the Akofena adinkra symbol that represents COURAGE and VALOUR.

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Here are more of my faves:


The designs are all about showing love and keeping the faith. Y’all make sure that you show her some love since she is also doing so by creating thought-provoking messages, simple truths and traditional wisdom through her beautiful jewelry line.

Check out here website HERE