After damaging my hair with a hair straightening system and getting heat damage from wand curls, I decided to start over. After transitioning for a year and 10 months I big chopped (this really is a mini chop lol) on November 16th, 2016.

I recorded the process but I broke my memory card. Just my luck. I was trying to find a way to possibly fix it but nothing has worked. Sorry for the delay! I know you guys that follow me on IG have been asking to see the video. This video shows the results of the chop.

If you’ve damaged your hair and need to start over or give your hair a cut, you may be feeling like you’re taking a “L” but you can always bounce back😉

Stylist, Angel Johnson, out of Atlanta cut my ends off.
Contact Information:
Phone: 513.919.7600
IG: @1angeljohnson