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I recently had the privilege of participating in Carol’s Daughter’s #BornandMade campaign. Well…it’s more than a campaign. It’s a commitment. They want you to celebrate your fleekiness and beauty!  Carol’s Daughter teamed up with I AM THAT GIRL, who inspires girls to know their self-worth. I worked with teen foster youth for 3 years and I know first hand how badly young women struggle with self-esteem and self-image issues. I AM THAT GIRL provides a safe outlet for girls to express their feelings and confide in one another about issues they’re faced with. Carol’s Daughter is empowering women all over the world to be who they are truly BORNandMADE to be – not who others think they’re “supposed” to be! I had a great time chatting with Lyanne of I AM THAT GIRL about just being comfortable in your own skin. Ya know how someone has a beautiful spirit that radiates? (I described Lisa Price in the same manner when I posted a pic from my trip to Paris) Well, Lyanne is a sun beam with a gorge smile to match.

Be sure to swing on ova to http://www.bornandmade.com to check out Lisa Price and Michaela Angela Davis’ interview. I heart them both:) There are also other inspiring chicas who share some inspiring words of wisdom.

ALWAYS CELEBRATE WHO YOU ARE. What could be more beautiful than that?