Ladies, I’m sure you can relate to this scenario. You’ve just put the finishing touches on your fresh bantu knot out or perfectly defined twist out. You go about your day as usual and get tons of compliments on your curls. You’re kinda feelin’ yourself, right? However, when you get home and actually feel your hair, you realize it’s drier than the heels of your granddaddy’s feet. Ughhhh! So, the question is: how can we maintain a beautifully defined style without sucking all of the moisture out of our strands simultaneously. I’ve teamed up with Uncle Funky’s Daughter and came up with 5 Tips To Maintain Moisture.

Moisturize before you style. While your hair is wet and before you begin applying your styling products, you should try to lock in as much moisture as possible first. A good rule of thumb is to generously apply a leave-in conditioner such as Good Hair Conditioning Styling Crème, which adds moisture to your hair while also defining it.

Check out my other 4 tips on They help me avoid having what I like to call “hay hair” (hair that looks good, but feels as dry as a pile of barn hay). What method do you use to maintain moisture?