I created a video to inform women of the health risks associated with using relaxers. The video’s purpose is not to bash or condemn women who relax their hair. I repeat, this video was not made to bash, condemn or judge those who choose to chemically straighten their hair. It was made to educate those who may not know this information. Most of us engage in some activity or use a product that is harmful to our health so there is no judgement coming from me. I just believe it’s important for every woman to know this information in order to make an informed decision. A mother may not want her child to use a relaxer after learning it may cause her to go through puberty early. Or a woman having difficulty conceiving may decide to stop relaxing after discovering relaxers can cause fibroids which can make it harder to get pregnant or cause a miscarriage. We should know if products we are using are potentially harmful to give us an option to discontinue use. The studies mentioned are not 100% proven like most research but you should definitely take the findings into consideration as well as the factual content. We must help educate one another. Each one, teach one. It’s all love.


Peace, luv & light!