The press and curl. The conk. The afro. There have been several hair trends in the Black community. Some we’d like to forget like the Jheri curl. One of my uncles cut his off about 6 years ago. No lie. He just couldn’t let go. I knew when he was walking into a room before I saw him because I could smell him…the Jheri curl juice was no joke. And the “Soul Glow” stains are real bruh.

I decided to make a video about The History of Black hair because many Black are unaware of the deep history of Black hair and the significance it held in Africa. I learned some new things as I researched and it made me feel proud to discover more about our history. Efforts are made to erase our culture and connection to Africa so we must do our part to educate ourselves and each other to keep it alive. This is probably the longest I’ve ever worked on a video and the hardest lol It was really important to me that I posted this and got it right. I hope you guys enjoy it. The pics are representations and some don’t match up perfectly with the dates or time period but most are really close. Make sure you continue to research this topic…there was a lot of information I couldn’t include. It would have made the video way too long. In the comments, please feel free to leave anything about our hair history that you would like to add so we can continue to learn from one another:)


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