Did you know beauty supply stores owned by African-Americans in the U.S. only represents 1% of a $684 million dollar industry? Crazy right?! I don’t know how true this is but a guy I know said he wanted to open a beauty supply store but claimed Asian suppliers refuse to sell to Blacks. Essentially, we’ve been black balled from owning stores and forced to only remain the consumer. While the African-American community indexes high in spending at beauty stores – Black owners are scarce to say the least.  African-Americans should own at least half if not more of the beauty supply stores. Black wealth is an anomaly and it is up to the community to make changes. The beauty category is the fastest growing industry for Black, female entrepreneurs. As one of the many women taking advantage of opportunities in this arena, Janice Fredericks of Fabulous Freddy’s Beauty Supply Boutique in Queens, New York plans to break barriers while inspiring other entrepreneurial spirits to do the same.

20150308214613-janicefabJanice Frederick pictured

Beauty is more than hair products and cosmetics in Janice Fredericks’s world. For this twenty-something entrepreneur, the beauty industry has been her golden opportunity to defy the odds and empower women of color while stimulating the economy in her local community.

Fabulous Freddy’s is a black-owned business that is dedicated to providing expert natural hair and skin care knowledge for ethnic women and men. Since 2010 the owners of Fabulous Freddy’s Beauty Supply Boutique have been providing knowledge, advice and top-ranked ethnic hair and skin products to customers around Queens, New York.


In 2015, Janice will expand her small business endeavors to the borough of Brooklyn by opening the very first Fabulous Freddy’s location in the rapidly growing neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant. Known for trendy restaurants, boutiques and its picturesque brown stone, Bed-Stuy has been on the rise for several years and will serve as the perfect backdrop for the Fabulous Freddy’s franchise. Fredericks stated, “As a born and raised Queens girl, I’ll always have love for my community but Brooklyn is calling our name!” “The borough is undergoing a renaissance right now and I know that Fabulous Freddy’s is just what the area needs to keep its residents beautiful from head to toe.”


Through the increasingly popular crowd sourcing campaign site, indiegogo.com, Janice seeks to raise 12k to help fund her new venture. Funds from the campaign which kicks off on March 1, 2015 will assist her with:

  • Employing talent in the local community to provide staffing for the store from the local community
  • Store build out and renovations
  • IT and marketing expenses
  • Product inventory (mass distributed brands + local, independent brands)

Donations will be received March 1 – 31st. You can click HERE to give. Let’s support this young entrepreneur and help grow wealth in the African American community. It’s up to us!


Peace, luv & light:)