Hey y’all! I created this sophisticated up ‘do hairstyle that’s great for date night, work, church or any special occasion. It sounds like it would be complicated but it was actually pretty easy. It’s also a great protective style. You know us naturals luh dat haha

On another note, my fitness goal is to be skinny fit (add muscle to this skinny frame) so I’m trying different products and equipment that will help me reach my fitness goals. Check out this review on the flex belt. I’m obsessed with products that use EMS technology. Let me know what you think! The hair tutorial starts at 3:28.

I am really amazed at how well the Flex Belt actually works. For more information about the Flex Belt or to make a purchase for 25% off go to http://www.theflexbelt.com/chime

What did you think of the style?