After learning of Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri’s murder at the hands of a law enforcement officer, I felt my mind sinking into a dark place. Still baring open sores left from the Trayvon Martin verdict, Michael’s death felt like sprinkles of salt on my unhealed wounds. I couldn’t help but think the America we live in hasn’t progressed much since the 1950’s. There’s a veil over America that makes it appear that race relations have improved especially since we have a peanut butter hued president but this is the furthest from the truth. They still don’t value Black Americans, particularly our Black boys. The world and all races should be outraged about what happened to Michael Brown but they’re not. Why? They can’t relate, empathize or remotely connect with a Black boy. Other races don’t view him the way they would view their own son, nephew, cousin or grandson. They don’t understand the average Black boy that grows up in low-income neighborhoods. Assumptions are usually made about their mentality and behavior. They hear these communities are riddled with crime and murder and assume that everyone who is birthed in the hood are heathens. In turn, hate forms.




We need to come together as a people and a human race. Even if all the Blacks joined together, change couldn’t be made. Whites, Latinos, Asians and all races must be outraged and advocate for change to be made. Those in positions of power must care about these homicides or things will remain the same. When I allow my mind to settle on the plight of my people, I literally feel my body getting hot and my head throbbing. At times, I feel as if I want to cry but I won’t allow myself. I guess I would feel as if I’m admitting defeat. So many of us are poor, uneducated and/or imprisoned. It wasn’t meant to be this way. But because kind-hearted African people allowed European “friends” to enter their land- our ancestors were stripped of their culture, enslaved and “freed” without any means of help but laws in place to keep them the permanent underclass.

Most people don’t realize it but slavery created hoods. Projects were created to separate Blacks from Whites in the cities. After slavery ended, time passed but Whites still didn’t want us living in their neighborhoods so they created “affordable housing” for poor Blacks.

Slavery created Black poverty. Slavery created gangs. Slavery created Black self-hate.

Slavery divided a beautiful race of people.

Due to slavery, we are 400 years behind and the race of people who enslaved us won’t extend a hand of help…only a fist.

So we must depend on one another. Where are our Black leaders? The problem is those attempting to lead don’t have a voice but those who do tend to focus on other issues. Many may not agree with me but if Jay Z were to stand up and decide to lead Black brothers in the right direction, many would follow. Entertainers carry the power in our community. I think he is more occupied with making money- no judgment. Through education we can change. Every Black person needs to read, “The Mis-Education of the Negro” by Carter G. Woodson and learn about Dr. Joy Degruy’s theory on Post Traumatic Slave Disorder. If ALL of our eyes were open, instead of fighting one another we would unite to fight oppression, racism and the poverty that affects our people. I think if those like Jay Z, Russell Simons, Oprah and other power players pushed for our people to read and research our true history and open schools and institutions to reverse the brainwashing and restore our values/culture, amazing things can happen.

Unfortunately, as Louis Farrakhan stated, “Blacks have become a cancer on society”. Impoverished, lost people who are trying to survive the best means they know how. Not only White people fear Black people but all races…even Black people. Because of this fear, Whites fear all Black people and sometimes act on what they perceive as a threat when it is not. Thus, innocent Black people die like Trayvon Martin. Because Zimmerman assumed Trayvon was a thug in his neighborhood scoping out a house to rob, he stalked him and subsequently killed him. If Trayvon were White, Zimmerman would have assumed he lived in the neighborhood. Zimmerman was acquitted because other Whites could relate and empathize with Zimmerman’s assumptions about Trayvon, so a murderer was able to walk free. This says it is okay to kill Black people if you are fearful – even if that person did nothing threatening and there was no reason to be afraid of that individual. It still seems as if we have “no rights the White man is bound to respect” like Roger B. Taney believed. Not even the rights that protect our lives.

Even if Brown did take cigars without paying, did he deserve to die for stealing? To be executed in the street in broad daylight?

My goal is to open a institution one day for all ages to rehabilitate the minds of my people who are lost. To create direction and restore pride. It is imperative that we heal one another and unify or these incidents will become even more frequent and our people will die a slow death as a whole.

We are a great and powerful people, which is why we are feared.

Many people think the state of African-Americans as a whole will never improve but I’m more optimistic.

God can make all things new.