The amazing artist, Eduardo Kobra is a native of Sau Paulo. As a kid, Kobra never took a liking to school and began tagging in the streets with an older group of kids called “Hip Hop”.  While many of his friends fell into the trap of selling drugs, stealing and vandalism, Kobra continued to paint. He was passionate about art. He was suspended from school after he was caught spray painting a building but enrolled in a school away from the city. Kobra always carried a back pack full of spray paints. He continued to paint anything that wasn’t stationary. When Kobra would paint, passerbyers would often say, “Get a job you bum”.  He was determined to prove them wrong but didn’t have direction. Throughout his adolescence, he was arrested several times for vandalism of property due to tagging. After one arrest, a judge was so impressed with his work he decided to sentence him to paint a mural on the police station wall; this changed the trajectory of his life. Since then he’s been commissioned to paint notable individuals like Salvador Dali, Any Warhol and musical icons, Biggie and Tupac. Kobra continuously travels around the world creating art in notable spaces. His work is always eye-catching and powerful. I was mesmerized as I scrolled down his Instagram page. Kobra’s works are definitely dope art.  We should learn from his story. Regardless of how others view you and your goals, you can still become successful and fulfill the dream that God placed in your heart. Basically, never listen to the haters haha


Check out his pieces below:






Mural by Kobra in Moscow









Whatcha think of his work?