A few days back, I was on Instagram (I may have a slight addiction) and someone tagged me to a photo. It’s always cool when someone reposts your pic or show you love in some kind of way. So, I went to check it out. When the photo finally loaded I learned French Elle had chosen me as one of the “Top 20 Vloggers on Youtube”. So cool right?! My first thought was, “They know me in France?”. I sometimes forget how far the internet reaches. It’s amazing how it can connect us even over thousands of miles of ocean.  The other vloggers they chose were dope and it was so flattering to be mentioned with Michelle Phan. She’s the top beauty vlogger on Youtube and an inspiration to so many. Anyway, I couldn’t translate what it said so I hit up my friend Jennifer, a French-speaking Haitian. She was able to translate the words. It read:

Who? Chime, a beautiful 40 year old (they completely got my age wrong but it’s French Elle so they get a pass lol) American who has embarked on the creation of a blog and a Youtube channel for Afro hair. For whom? For all those who have inherited a lioness mane and do not know how to tame it. We love: The aesthetics of the blog, her good humor and Chime’s tutorial “My Transition & Transitioning HairStyles! “Where to follow? On her Youtube channel Haircrush or http://www.chimeedwards.com”

I thought that was so cool. Just wanted to share. That made me really happy. There are people we would never think of that actually love and care about what we do.  Even if no one did; keep pushing forward and do what you love. That’s the only thing that matters. Peace and blessings.