Over the past 2 months, I’ve been working out consistently *pats self on the back*. I know my health and my body needs it. I’m a thin gyal, but I want to be toned. I really want a “runner’s legs”. I used to see women and drool over their calf and thigh muscles. They were usually dancers, runners or committed to fitness. I wanted dem legs! But I didn’t want to run. I had to make a decision to work for what I wanted. There was no way to get those legs without putting in the work. So, I jumped on the elliptical. The first day, I felt like I was gonna die after 5 minutes but I kept going. I usually do 15 minutes plus weight training and my bf, John, always does 30 minutes. One day, he challenged encouraged me to do it with him. I couldn’t back down. After I hit the 15 minute mark I wanted to quit. I started to slow down and lose my energy. Then John said go faster. I was thinking, “You crazy!” But I did it anyway and surprisingly it gave me more energy. I was concentrating so hard on keeping the pace up I didn’t focus on how exhausted I was. I completed the 30 minutes and at the end I wasn’t dog tired like I thought I would have been. This is when I really saw for myself that the gym is a mental game. Tell yourself you can do it and you can.  On the days you don’t want to workout don’t make excuses. That’s easy. Go anyway! Be consistent and you will see results. Cuddos to you ladies who are committed to living a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. It ain’t easy but it’s worth it. Everyone can’t have a fab body; only the ones who work for it can. Now, on to the  hurr stuff! As we workout, we want to make sure our hair is maintained. We don’t want to ruin a style, or have our hair dry out or annoy us as we work out. Here are some hairstyle suggestions and tips for the natural who wants to stay fit!

Here are the tips in detail below:

< If you’re wearing a twist-out or a braid-out, re-twist your hair before you go to the gym instead of waiting until afterwards. It is harder to save a style after it sweats out. It won’t have the same fresh look it had initially. So, spare a little time to handle it beforehand. You can save time by making the twists or braids larger than you usually make them.

< If your hair is styled neatly, wrap a scarf around your edges to preserve the look. This also helps if you sweat a lot; the hair that’s wrapped in the scarf  wont’ frizz.

< Any protective style is great for work-outs #NoBrainer

< Are you a sweaty beast? It’s muy importante to protect your hair from sweat if you want to maintain your style. Wear a high pony tail, puff or a bun. If your hair is contained in a bun you can keep the texture of a style because it’s not “out” and as exposed to the temperature and other elements in the gym.

< Sweat is good during a workout because it indicates you are burning calories but who wants it  to ruin their cute ‘do.  Sweat can also make your scalp feel dirty and itchy.  Headbands and scarfs help absorb sweat but I’ve heard some women say “Save Your Doo” GymWrap by Nicole Ari Parker  helped with their perspiration woes.  I’m curious to know if it’s just a fancy head scarf or it really does absorb moisture quicker. If you’ve tried the gym wrap, let me know what you think of it in the comments below.



< If you wanna look cute, wear your hair up in a pineapple and wrap a scarf around it.  If your face normally sweats, pin the hair in the front down with hair pins.

< Hate the way your hair feels after you workout? To avoid dry or crunchy hair post work-out, mix your fave leave-in conditioner with a little water. You can take it to the gym with you in a travel-sized spray bottle and give your curls a pick me up after your work-out.

< Give your hair time to dry after your workout. Your scalp can get pretty wet after hitting the gym. Sweaty scalps can sometime smell when it combines with certain hair products so it’s important to give your hair a chance to fully dry before adding more product or going to bed for the night. If you wear your hair “up” or in a ponytail as you workout, take your hair down and let it air out as my grandma would say. You can use the cool setting on a dryer if you lack patience like moi.

Also, check out SportyAfros.com for more tips and motivation. The site helps black women achieve optimal health by being the first site to connect the dots between hair care, exercise and nutrition. Co-founders Whitney Patterson and Alexandria Williams (pictured below) named hair and fitness experts for “Today’s Active Black Women”, keep busy with national speaking engagements, hosting workshops and expanding the first hair care line specifically tailored for active women. Very cool.



Exercise is a must for every human being to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Don’t allow your hair to stand in your way. Be fit and fab! How do you wear your hair when you’re at the gym? Any tips?

Share with a workout buddy! Got any tips of your own?