Big chopping can definitely be the cause of wobbly knees and sweaty pits. It’s scary! Especially, when you see women who don’t “keep up” their teeny weeny ‘fros. Before I big chopped I used to think, “Ion wanna walk around lookin like that!”. It’s really all about how you rock it though and maintenance is a must! Here are some tips to add cuteness to your ‘fro!

You can add a little color. I always tell women don’t run for the hair color once you big chop because it can slow down your hair growth but there are many women who are unaffected by coloring their hair. My advice is to keep it well moisturized and conditioned. It’s a great way to give your twa a little “Umph”!

Your hair color can be subtle…



Or bold!


Get a part! The look is super cute!


I hear a lot of women say that they feel “naked” once they big chop. Understandably, so. You’re used to using your hair as an accessory but now that your hair is really short you can use accessories like hats, sunglasses and earrings to jazz up your look.




You can rock a pair of false lashes or get eye lash extensions. Lashes bring femininity to your face and with a lack of hair it’s normal to feel a bit boyish. Enhancing your eyes are a great fix!


Or go bold with your lip color!


Shape it up! Get the sides cut lower and leave more volume on the top.


Here’s a little twa inspirtation…




However you decide to rock your hair know that confidence is key. Own it!

Did you play with your look when you had a teeny weeny afro?