I started wearing make-up when I was around 15. It started off with some light powder and a little lip gloss, nothing major. Like most teens I had breakouts so make-up was a good way to cover my blemishes. When I went to college, I expected my break-outs to lessen and eventually stop altogether but did that happen? To my disappointment it was pimple party town on my face and I was left with dark spots (hyperpigmentation) after they went away. Nobody wants Dalmatian skin. I had tons of dark marks that I continued to cover with make-up. I’ve tried everything from ProActiv to over the counter products like Clearasil. Nothing has worked. Over the past year, I haven’t been the nicest to my face. I would say I fell asleep in my make-up 300 of the 365 days that year. Yeah, I know it’s horrible. Needless, to say I broke out more frequently and continued to pile on the make-up to mask it all. One day as I complained about how terrible my skin was getting my bf suggested that I stop wearing make-up. *Cue the dramatic music* What? Go outside and let everyone see all the little uglies on my skin? I wasn’t up for it. After a couple of weeks of my bf encouraging me and when I saw that I had tried everything else, I decided to go make-up less. I hated I had become one of those girls who wouldn’t leave the house without make-up. I never thought of myself as being that superficial. I had to do it. The first day I left the house, I was pretty self-conscious. I hadn’t done this in years! I’ve ran into the store to grab an item quickly but I never went to work or church without my trusty Mac Studio Fix liquid Foundation. I thought everyone noticed and was thinking, “She ain’t that cute without her make-up”. Ironically, 2 of my co-workers told me how much I looked like a model and encouraged me pursue it seriously. Usually, it’s our own thoughts that hold us back. As the day went on, I got more and more comfortable. My face felt different. Like it could breathe for the first time in ages. Even the way the wind and air felt on my face was different. Sounds really dramatic but it was really freeing. Today, is day 13 of my no make-up challenge. Never thought I could go this long but it’s the norm now. My skin is beginning to look a lot better. I’ll prob wear make-up on my birthday this Friday (Leos stand up!) then go back to my foundation free skin regimen. Now, I do still wear eye make-up and lippie. I just nixed the foundation. If you have a beauty crutch, challenge yourself to let it go for a while. Whether it’s false lashes or hair extensions. You’re still gorge without it. Usually, we believe it will hurt our self-stem to go without our beauty staples but in most cases like mine, it increased. You’ll find that you really don’t need it. Of course, they’re fun to utilize but I never want to get to the point again where I feel like I have to apply foundation before I face the world. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to love who we are naturally.

Do you have a beauty crutch?