I think it’s cool when celebs step outside the box. Many of them look the same because they rock the same long weaved look. Not that there’s anything wrong with weave but I love seeing celebs who aren’t afraid to break the mold. After seeing Bey’s hair (I think it’s a wig), I started thinking about some of the celebs who looked extra sexy and cool with the pixie cut.  Some of these chicks rocked the short ‘do for a second while others are pixie queens. Let’s start with the ladies whose visit to pixie land was only a short ride.

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Tia Mowry looked gorge with the look. She filmed the array of emotions she went through on her reality show, Tia & Tamera.

Tia is currently rockin’ should length extensions.


Beyoncé wasn’t the first Destiny Child member to cut it all off. Ms. Kelly rocked the look and I must say it fit her well. When I see women with their real hair I feel like I’ve finally seen all of their beauty without the fakery. Kells actually entered the industry with a cropped ‘do.


Rhianna isn’t one to keep the same look for long. She rocked this look for a few months earlier this year.

Now, there are a few pixie vets who have been wearing their ‘cuts for years and I can’t blame them. It compliments them the best.


Nia Long has been sporting her pixie since the ’90’s. Can you spell G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S??


Eva Pigford has been wearing her boy ‘do since she was a contestant on Top Model. She was in tears when she had to cut her hair on the show but it took her to new level. When you have a face like that you can pull anything off.

68th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Ms. Berry is best known for the pixie. She has always rocked short hair; whether it be with bangs or layers. She did wear long extensions for a while and I counted down the days until she removed them. Halle is the most beautiful with only a few inches of hair.

Whatever your hair choice is, don’t allow the opinions of others stop you from doing you. Ever tried the pixie cut?