As you guys know I love art and sometimes I will surf the net (more specifically in this case Pintrest) drooling over dope creations by innovative minds. I’m a visual person and when I look at art it’s like its adding beauty to my soul. I know it sounds corny but it makes me feel good “in my inside parts” *lady from Beloved voice* but not those inside parts. You know what I mean.  Today, I came across some cool pieces that I wanted to share with y’all.



naturalhairart11 naturalhairart14  naturalhairart8 naturalhairart5 naturalhairart3 naturalhairart4 naturalhairart2   naturalhairart10 naturalhairart9 naturalhairart7 naturalhairart6

“Art  enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same  time.”
-Thomas  Merton

Which one is your fave?