Hey y’all! If you don’t follow me on YouTube this may be your first time hearing about the Big Hair Giveaway.  I teamed up with Arynetta, founder of Girl Team Mobile to give away 5 Big Hair Book Apps. The Grand prize winner will not only receive an app but a big hair t-shirt, the “Big Hair” paperback book and hair bows! Check out the original giveaway video. I also discuss the “Curl Popping Obsession”.



It was very creative how Lark described her natural hair in the form of a love story.

LARK ALLEN:  “My strands are in love with each other. They’re always embracing and hold tight ’til the end. Sometimes it isn’t enough to use my bare hands to tear them apart. As soon as I think I’ve been successful a small breeze comes and they’ve found each other yet again. It doesn’t take much. Always tangled and entwined. How big their love is. How can I not smile and be happy with something so natural and carefree as that?”

I love that Jasmine’s daughter is her motivation. The last 2 lines were was so touching.

JASMINE BROWN: “I feel like doing the big chop took a huge burden off of my shoulders. I heard a lot of negative comments but I never once thought about going back to the creamy crack. I further embraced my curls after my daughter’s hair started to get a more defined pattern. My thoughts were “how will I teach a black woman to love her hair and herself if I don’t love my hair and myself?” My massive, beautiful, kinky, crazy, distinctive hair is now a reflection of the woman I want my daughter to become.”

This entry resonated with me because Simone is a young teenager who has found freedom in being natural in spite of feeling pressure to conform like her peers. 

SIMONE CROCKETT: “I love my Big Hair because most girls my age (13) all try to do what everyone else is doing and are afraid of what everyone else thinks, letting my Big Hair be free has freed me from the chains of insecurity and fear of being different. I also love my big hair because straight hair is straight hair. Not one head of Big Hair is the same as another head of Big Hair.”

Sarah’s entry was great because going natural helped her overcome bullying. How awesome is that! 

SARAH LEE – “I love my BIG NATURAL HAIR because I was always bullied as a child, because of that I felt like I had no identity and no self-worth. I was seeking away to stand out & find myself in a positive and healthy way. In 2010 I decided to go natural & though it did not help with people bullying me, it allowed me to not care about what people said about me and empowered me to stand up for myself and what I believe in. I am a lover of all hair but going natural was the best for me and my natural beauty.”

Melody’s entry stuck out because I can relate like so many of y’all. We were all taught certain things about beauty as children but we discovered that our hair is dope without relaxing or straightening.  I love that she was able to find acceptance. What a beautiful thing.

MELODYH411: “I love my big hair because when I was little my mom permed my hair because her being white she thought straight hair was beautiful and easier to maintain. When I went natural it helped me to love myself the way God made me. I don’t have to stress out about looking perfect for others because I realized that God makes no mistakes while making people and if God loves me the way he made me, I love the way he made me because in this point in my life God’s opinion is more important to me than any other living species! I feel beautiful with my big hair because with it I am a reflection of God.”

I am so glad so many of my subscribers entered! It’s all about acceptance of what you have no matter the texture or length your natural hair is. Work with what you got homies! Remember to love God, yourself, your family and love your big hair! 

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