Have you ever thought about locing your hair? Dreadlocks are essentially matted coils of hair. They can be traced back to the  Rastafarians of Jamaica *makes gun motion with hands and points to the ceiling*. I see beautiful people all the time with long locs dangling down their backs. I must say, there is something quite sexy about a handsome Black man sporting them *knees slightly weaken*. My boyfriend, John, attempted to loc his hair about a year ago #EpicFail. A big part of the process is going through an “ugly phase” as the hair is locing. You are limited on how often you can wash your hair and it just looks well….fugly. I’ve heard people say they didn’t experience this and washed their hair often but his loctitian advised him not to.  John had every color skully you could think of. He was not willing to go out into the world that way (Black guys care about their hair just as much as Black women do) and when he took his hat off at the end of the day it was a snow storm….dandruff city! He hated it so he ended up cutting his hair after about 4 months. One3 of my friends, Nads, is loced. She said it was the best decision for her because she loved how her hair looked when she wore two-strand twists with her natural hair and it is so low maintenance.

Here are a few things to consider before you loc. This may help you get off the fence…

  • Locing one’s hair is a real commitment. It takes times. For most individuals, it takes about 6 months to a year. In general, the thicker and more tightly coiled your hair’s natural texture, the quicker your hair will loc. Make sure you are dedicated to your loc journey. It’s much like transitioning; you will become frustrated and feel like giving up at times but you must remain focused on your goal.
  • If you are unsure with the way you are going to look with your hair loced, you may want to try loc extensions. This will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. Get them in the size and length you are looking to achieve with your own hair. Check out these beautiful sistas with loc extensions.

fake locs 3

fake locs

fake locs2

  • Do your research. Make sure you educate yourself on the process before jumping into. Going into any new project blindly usually produces unnecessary stress and usually failure.
  • If you fear that you may change your mind in the middle of the process don’t worry, you can still comb them out. Many people have combed out locs they’ve had for several years. I imagine this can possibly be quite damaging to the hair but I have read if it is done the correct way you can salvage your tresses.
  • Speak to someone personally who has actually gone through the process. They can give you extra tips and tricks to ease the expected trials of the journey. Check out Leighving’s (tumblr) journey:


Dope hurr! I love the color too! I think locs are gorgeous but I don’t know if I could ever go through with it. I love free big Diana Ross hair too much. My sister, Erika is debating on whether she should become a loc star or not. I thought about her when I saw this pic of this loced cutie.


Check out these purty long-loced naturals:




Have you ever considered locing your hair?