Let me start off by saying this is such a random post. Get used to it kiddos.  Maybe it will help someone. Anyways, if you watched the Grammy’s I’m sure you saw Rihanna is that gorgeous Azzedine Alaïa red dress and maybe you noticed how unbecoming her hairstyle was. In photographs it doesn’t look bad but it looked pretty ratchet on the telly.  Folks were really going in on her on Twitter. I saw one tweet that said she needs to go to the hood so she can get a good sew-in. It really wasn’t a good look but I think I’m biased because I prefer to see Rihanna with short hair. I know she is self-conscious about her forehead but I think really long hair isn’t as flattering on women with large foreheads as short hair is. Sounds backwards right? I know most people think if your forehead is big you should try to cover it up but it can actually make the woman’s entire head look larger. Short hair really frames the face and showcases one’s features. Large foreheads are beautiful…a wonderful African attribute. Rihanna looked the most beautiful to me a few years back when she had that fierce short hair cut that was shaved on both sides. Drop dead gorgeous! I also love that  short and jet black ‘cut she’s been rockin’ on and off lately.  I’m sure if you have a big forehead you’ve been teased but don’t allow someone else’s opinion to affect you. Don’t be afraid to big chop is you have a large forehead. I don’t know why but  ‘fros look so amazing sitting above an elongated forehead. It looks regal and really beautiful. So I wanted to show comparison pics. Here’s a pic of her from the Grammy’s with longer extensions…


And this is a pic with her pixie cut..


See what I mean? She really looks gorge either way but I wanted to show you ladies who may be in the five head club (I can say that b/c I’m in the big dome club) that you can big chop and rock short hair (twa) and still be just fab. Society teaches us certain features are flaws including dark skin and kinky hair but be careful not to feed into this way of thinking. Put on your earmuffs when you hear this kind of negativity. Many transitioners realize a great deal of people will look at our hair as being unattractive so we analyze ourselves and wonder if we can pull it off in addition to our other “flaws”. Before I went natural I kept saying I wanted to clear my skin first. I have acne prone skin which often leaves discoloration and I didn’t want the shorter hair to draw more attention to the blemishes. I had to let that go and take steps forward to completing my hair journey. We are women so we care a great deal about our appearance but don’t allow one thing stop you. Maybe for you it’s your weight, teeth or crooked nose.  If there is something you want to correct, by all means do so but there will always be a reason not to go forward with it and put it off another month or year.  Just focus on the reasons you want to go natural. Embrace your “flaws” whether you have butterfly ears or a pronounced forehead. It’s yours just like that kinky hair that is waiting to make an appearance. Natural hair isn’t a flaw it’s perfection.

Check out these African ladies showcasing their proud foreheads..



Are you afraid to big chop because of the size of your forehead or another reason?