What is your name and what city do you rep?

My Name is Michaela Christine && Im reppin’ Pittsburg, CA #BayAreaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

So, what’s your hair story?
Holaaa Everyone ! :)  I never relaxed my hair, but i have fried it some major heat damage. When i was a child, I feel like there wasn’t any good hair products for natural hair in my opinion. Everything was to greasy for my hair, or was like gel, which was so stiff. i remember being about 8 & hating my natural curls because i didnt know how to manage it. My mom is half Mexican and Half Italian with a very loose wavy texture. She didnt really know how to mange my tight curls. She never pressured me to straighten my hair,  and actually wouldnt let me until i got a bit older and she loved my natural hair. She would put it in little cute styles when i was a kid but once it came time for me to do it on my own in Jr high i had no idea what i was doing. My father is Half Black and half Mexican and did not know how to do my hair either haha. I would just wear it in a pony tail, and it would get frizzy, and dry looking all the time. I never would wear it down & free unless i had lots of gel or grease to hold it together with a headband. I felt like it was just so much to deal with, where all my cousins had this straight/wavy texture and had to do little to it to make it look decent. Once i got to high school my mom let me straighten my hair & it took HOURS. It was like a job lol I would still wear it curly sometimes but not as much as i would wear it straight. After a while my hair just felt really really dry and started to break off. It felt really brittle and dead. My curls would not come back anymore. I had these weird straggly strands everywhere, and i hated it. I started to actually miss my curls when i got to my Jr yr in High school. it was the weirdest thing that i had never felt. I knew that i damaged my curl pattern, but i knew my curls would grow back… EVENTUALLY. At the time my hair was about past my mid back straightened. i decided to to stop using heat on my hair, and try to nurse it back to health. The new growth started coming in really curly! i stayed heat free for as long as i could until i got tired of the damaged hair at the bottom. I could no longer wear it curly with out looking like i got electrocuted, so I had my mom take me to her hair stylist and i told him to cut off almost all of my dead ends that i could handle, which was at my shoulders curly. At the time I found a few products that made my hair look good to me at the time & i loved it. The layers were perfect for me ! i thought why didnt i get these sooner?. Ever since then Ive loved my curls ! I let my layers grow out and rocked the curls really long, but then got tired of it and cut layers and bangs again. ill be a #curlygirlfolife! & thats how i plan to stay. #heatfree Im actually traumatized to straighten my hair again lol its been about 5 or 6 years since the last time ive straightened.
What are your staple products?
 My Staple products currently are Shea Moisture’s Shampoo, Alba Botanica Mango conditioner (which i LOVE), and Mixed chicks Leave in conditioner for styling. I love the Shea moistures shampoo because it cleanses my hair without making it feel stripped. The alba botanica conditioner has to be my Favorite conditioner by far, its just sooooo thick, and moisturizing. My hair feels like butter after i use it in the shower! & as for Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner, I like it because it’s light weight, doesn’t have a strong scent & it also doesn’t weigh down my curls.
What is your regimen?
 Ive recently tried Heyfranhey’s method of detangling once in a while with Coconut oil on my dry hair before i shower & wash & i LOVE IT. If i dont do that then I just Shampoo with Shea Moisture’s shampoo focusing on my scalp, giving myself a little scalp message. Once i rinse that out, then i apply the Alba Botanica conditioner to my hair fingering through all of my hair. I let that sit for a about 5 minutes, and then rinse. After that squeeze any excess water out of my hair and then get out of the shower and apply about 4 quarter size amounts of mixed chicks to my hair, raking it through. I add a few bobby pins in my hair at the top of my hair so that while it’s drying it doesn’t dry flat. I dont like flat hair lol well on me at least. Then i go about my day and let my hair air dry. I dont touch it while its drying. Once if feels 80 percent dry i take out the bobby pins, flip my hair upside down and scrunch up with my fingers to give it more volume & that’s it! As the days going on ill add a little but of Deva Curl’s moisture lock to the curls that may be gettin’ too crazy! For night time, i just sleep on a satin pillow case :)
Do you have any problem areas that require special care or attention? 
 Hmmm well the only thing that i could think of is that I naturally have dry sensitive skin & eczema. So when it comes to finding products to use in my hair, very highly scented products tend to bother my skin, such as my back because thats where some of my hair falls. So I have to pay attention to that when trying out new products :/. Also for some reason during the winter season my scalp tends to get some dandruff & I cant go too many days without washing it. I think the max would be like 4 days or else my scalp gets irritated, oily & itchy. Other seasons it’s just fine.
What’s your fave way to style your hair? 
 My Favorite way to wear my hair is down, messy & big :). Next would be up in a mohawk style.
How do you handle shrinkage? 
I just let it be! I dont mind shrinkage.. after a trim, and some days when my curls are super moisturized after a deep condition i get some shrinkage. I actually like it sometimes! Ive never stretched my hair before, but id like to try to see how it comes out :)
Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to maintaining natural hair like yours? 
 Some things that I’ve learned over the years is that staying heat free has really made my curls come alive! Detangling my hair with my fingers has really saved me lots of breakage from what ive noticed in comparison when I used to use a brush. Also, applying product to my hair while its dripping wet always give me the best shiny, frizz free, spirally curls. One more thing that i might add is that products that may work for my hair may not work for everyone, I had to do a lot of trial and error when it came to finding the best products that work for me. Another thing that i stopped doing was towel drying my hair, WOW what a difference with frizz, the towel must have been drinking up all the moisture in my hair back in the days lol.
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What’s your profession? Have you encountered any negativity concerning your hair? 
Currently I work in Promotional Marketing with the company Muscle Milk. I cover grounds all over Northern California sampling in many different cities on a day to day basis working events, meeting many new people, networking, etc. Thankfully, I have not had to encounter any pressures of society to straighten my hair. I actually get many many compliments out on the field about my hair, which is always nice to hear because I love embracing my curls & I love when i see other naturals doing the same. I also get many women & even men who come up to me and ask me about products I use. Im currently working on a Single as well. I Sing :) & I am keeping the naturally curly look for my image. ! it’s a must because i love my curls and i love when people tell me that i have been their inspiration to stay curly! They are my inspiration to love my curls more and more everyday. I don’t want to conform to society’s image of beauty & straighten my hair for marketing purposes. What’s great is that my Management loves the curls as well ! ;)
What’s the worst comment that’s been made about your hair or weird encounters? What’s the best?
 I actually cant recall any horrible comments that i actually remember! The good outweigh the bad. The most annoying thing that people say is “is that a weave”? I understand that people are curious, but it just gets old after a while, & then they ask to touch it, and then they’re like “wow” lol. As for the best, I’d say when random people just come up  to me and compliment my curls out of no where :)
Do you have any haircrushes?
hmmmm Thats so hard because I’m just a fan of anyone that rocks their natural hair, whether it be short, long, kinky, wavy, etc I love it all!!!!!

How would you describe your style? Who are your fashion inspirations? 
My style is pretty much just kind of random. Sometimes i like things that are in style & sometimes I like to rock stuff that nobody is rockin’. I don’t really have a fav designer, or brand that i specifically wear. You can catch me in anything from a really cheap brand, or a high end brand, it just depends if i like it or not. I love wearing new upcoming brands. & sometimes i dress really dressy/sexy & other times i just feel like being a tomboy :) What ever i wear usually represents my mood. lol


Can you share a story about your life where you overcame an obstacle or struggle and you give glory to God for it? Last year in 2012 I wanted to start pursuing my a singing career. I though why not I’m 22 and still young, might as well try it out now, and see where it goes. I had gotten a really bad cough, and lost my voice. For about a month my voice never recovered, and i couldn’t hit notes that i used to be able to hit naturally, and my range changed. I was starting to get really nervous about it, so i went to see an ear, nose & throat specialist. She told me that i may have a cyst or nodules on my vocal chords. If a cyst it may need to be removed, which could cause permanent damage to my vocal chords, which meant that i may never have the same voice ever again. If they were nodules then that just meant that they may go away with proper care and not using my voice until it got better. I was devistated because she said only time will tell what is really the problem. I really prayed hard about this because for the first time in my life that i was actually going to pursue something that I love to do, i felt as though it was being taken away from me. I started speech therapy which was to help me use my voice the proper way with out straining it. Who knew there was such a thing?! Over time my voice got better, I knew that the lord had a plan for me, i was just hoping that it including my voice coming back to it’s normal strength, but if it wasn’t then i know he had bigger plans for me. I made a visit back the the EN&T specialist and she took a looks at my vocal chords again and said they they were completely back to normal! I was just in awe, amazed & excited. The Lord answered my prayers :) I learned not to take anything for granted, even the smallest of things. 

Where can the homies find you on the web?
You can find me on 
Instagram @BigHair_dontcare
I just made a twitter but there’s not much on there yet, bare with me:)
Also i plan to make a youtube channel, its highly requested it’s just that i’ve been super busy, but ill post it on my social networks once i have a vid posted.
Anything else you wanna add?
 Peace & love! Mauhh <3<3<3