My friends and I love to find any reason to have a good time. On Saint Patrick’s Day you get to enjoy a silly parade, party and wear a ridiculous amount of green. Why do we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? Here’s a quick history lesson. It’s a day of celebration that is grounded fundamentally on religion. The primary reason for the celebration is to commemorate the feast day of Saint Patrick, a Christian missionary who later on became the patron saint of Ireland.

Here’s a quick recap of how I spent my St. Patty’s Day:


Selfies on the way to the parade. Green lippie on deck.


We chilled on the rooftop of a building downtown before heading to the parade.


We played music, danced had a few drinks and of course we made time to take some pics.



Then we grabbed a bite to eat at a Mexican spot near by.


Ended the night listening to a live band at Old Tavern.

I had a great time. Good clean (mostly clean) fun:P How did you spend your Saint Patrick’s Day?