We all face situations and wonder, “Yo, why did that happen to me?”. People may lie on you, intentionally do things to harm you and mistreat you but I’ve learned that if you trust in God during those times; He can turn the bad to good. Joseph is a great example of this “divine reversal” . If you’re unfamiliar with this bible story I will give you a brief synopsis. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers who were jealous of him. He endured a lot of pain and hardship for years but God lifted him up and he became a trusted consultant of the Pharaoh of Egypt. He went from eating scraps and living like a peasant to living in a palace. Joseph declared to his brothers: “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good.”

If you were in Joseph’s situation could you have kept your faith as you were forced to work as a slave?  Many of us have trouble trusting God when we face adversities on a smaller level but you must remember that God goes before you as well as with you each day. You shouldn’t fear evil or any problems you may face because God can bring good out of any situation. Allow your faith to grow during times of trouble. If you trust God with your whole being, nothing can separate you from the Lord’s peace. How do you trust God during hard times? Pray constantly, ask for God’s help and meditate on his word. God is greater than any man who seeks to harm you, any situation, the deepest fear or depression. The Lord can conquer all things and makes all things new.

Joseph ended up seeing his brothers years later when they traveled to Egypt to get food during a famine (I’m sure he wanted to lay hands on them). They ended up needing his help. Initially, he was angry with his brothers but did forgive them for what they had done. When you’re going through a tough situation think about Joseph and what God did for him. He can do it for you too homie.

Has it ever been difficult for you to trust God in the midst of a storm?


Joseph's brothers begging him for forgiveness at the palace.
 Artist Unknown



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